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      Bonni Shevin Sandy, President/CEO of Dard Products has created a combination of 66 year old supplier with a boutique agency that is inclusive of inventory and digital printing in Chicago and China. Dard goes to market in a manner unlike any Supplier/Manufacturer in advertising space. As a WBENC minority owned business emphasizing the partnership approach,  they are the only Tier 1/Tier 2 supplier in the sector. Full supply chain from manufacturing, importing, assembly, decorating, fulfillment, and trucking...all WBENC!

They handle all aspects of the supply chain, from custom creative to manufacturing in socially and safety compliant factories abroad to distribution into over 56 counties seamlessly. President and CEO Bonni Shevin-Sandy has won numerous awards for her entrepreneurial spirit, international business and her commitment to her clients…


Our Core manufacturing partners are selected through a stringent evaluation process using the following criteria:

DARD Products Inc. is about providing clients with a creative element that cannot be replicated, positioning you a full partnership to leverage, and will not have to "bid" against other distributors because:


1. Our creative side is unmatched (no more commodity selling for large opportunities)

2. Oue production facilities exceeds all the standards of safety and social compliance, which means any end user will approve manufacturing through Dard – and can provide all the paperwork needed for your clients, pertaining to testing and creating a transparency throughout the entire process.

3.  Bonni has a myriad of patents, and understands all angles of design/engineering.

4.  She has multiple offices abroad, teams that speak the language, and partner factories that work to deliver the best possible product at the quickest turn around times.


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