E-MAIL Requirements: For all emailed artwork and orders use the following address: The order and artwork will be acknowledged via e-mail to the sender. Always send a .pdf file for comparison of the art.
All PMS colors must be identified on the printout.
This printout will verify that the correct art and fonts were received.
For multi-color jobs, please include a composite as well as printed separations.
Only PC files are acceptable. SEE REQUIREMENTS UNDER ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS. Include the following when sending your art or order via e-mail:
Subject field must have the purchase order number and type of service.
Email must include: Company name, address, phone, ASI number and any special instructions regarding your art or order. Delays may occur if the above information is not supplied. The P.O. must be clearly marked: “ART SENT VIA
E-MAIL.” All e-mailed art is acknowledged via e-mail back to the original sender.
Adobe Illustrator is preferred. Please save as an .ai or .eps file with all text converted to outlines

Acceptable Software and File Types: Illustrator .eps or .ai.
All EPS files must be Vector (no imported pictures). A vector file is resolution independent, that is, it can be scaled to any size and printed on any output device at any resolution without losing its detail or clarity.
Artwork will be sized to fit the imprint area as large as possible unless otherwise specified.

Copyright/Trademark Laws: Dard Products assumes that artwork submitted for reproduction in producing an order, was submitted in full compliance with the law, governing copyright, trademarks, etc. Purchasers, by placing these orders, agree not to hold Dard Products responsible for any damages, costs and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said artwork.

Layout/Imprint Sizing: We reserve the right to layout copy and artwork to the best advantage considering size, type styles and printing space available, unless finished art is provided to size.

Fonts: It is recommended that all text be converted to outlines when possible. If this is not possible; all Fonts, Font Suitcases, Printer Fonts and Screen Fonts must be included. We recommend Arial or Helvetica for the best printing results. We do not recommend Times Font Family. Be sure the point size will be large enough to print clearly. Serif and Script fonts are not recommended on small items nor do they print well in all caps. If type style is not specified on purchase order Helvetica or Arial will be used.
•    All copy should be 7 pts or higher, smaller type may fill in and we cannot be responsible.
•    All Lines should be no thinner than 1 pt.
•    Dard Products® requires a resolution of artwork no less than 600 dpi [NO 72 dpi JPEG or GIF files]
•    We will adjust halftone percentages and reset copy when necessary.
•    NOTE:  Microsoft, office programs (Word, Power Point, Excel,etc.
are not graphics programs and will not be recognized as acceptable art.

Camera Ready Art Guidelines: Black & White line art on flat photographic paper. 600 dpi (or higher) laser prints, preferable at 200% of final size.
Multi-Color Artwork: Must send Black & White color separated art with registration marks for each color. Always include a color composite.

Spot Colors: Most Dard Products® printing is done in spot colors. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). All files containing RGB or CMYK must be converted into spot colors (PMS). The colors must be clearly identified in the file as well as on the composite (hard copy).

Unacceptable Artwork/Text Files: Faxes or copies of faxes, photocopies, photographs, slides, transparencies, letterheads, business cards, laser art printed with a resolution of 600 DPI or less, JPEGs, GIFs, actual products, or any other art that needs to be touched up, color separated or made one color.


Straight Line Copy: Dard Products® can typeset your copy if we have the font that was used to create your text file. Please provide the font name and a printed sample of the font. If not, we will use the font that will work best.

Artwork Return Requests: Artwork will be returned upon written request after completion of order and payment of invoice.
Written requests may be made via mail, fax or e-mail




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