General Info

Acknowledgements: Purchase orders are acknowledged via E-mail. It is your responsibility to contact Customer Service immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Assorted Colored Items: When ordering items in assorted colors that require pad printing or screen printing, and each different colored item requires a different color imprint, a WASH-UP CHARGE must be added @ $12.50 (G) for each color imprint.

Billing: All payments must be made in US dollars only.

Cancellations: A Minimum Cancellation Charge of $30.00 (G) plus all charges incurred to date will be billed accordingly.

Changes To An Order: Any changes made to an order (by phone) after received at factory must be confirmed via email orders@dardproducts,com Note: Changes may delay shipments and charges may apply.

Collections: Accounts requiring collections will be liable for all collection costs, including all fees, costs and expenses incurred.

Colors: Note that colors of items shown in the catalog may not be identical to the item due to photography and printing. If color shade is critical, random samples are available for customer approval, prior to production. Where items are available in more than one color, customer must specify. Merchandise may vary from lot to lot due to manufacturng process and we CANNOT guarantee exact color on repeat orders.

Combined Quantity Pricing: A purchase order for a single account that reflects more than one item to be shipped at the same time for the same customer, may use Combined Quantity Pricing. Minimum quantities as indicated for each item apply. Items MUST be in the same price category (i.e. within $1.00) Not applicable to stock tags.

Confirming Orders: All confirming orders must be clearly marked as such. Our factory will not be responsible for duplication of orders if “Confirmation” was not clearly marked on order.

Copy Changes: $26.25 (G) ea.

Incorrect Shipping Address: UPS, Fed-Ex and other shippers bill us for address changes due to incorrect addresses given on the customer’s P.O. even though the packages are delivered to the given address.

This also applies to incorrect information given on orders shipped distributor 3rd party freight. All fees charged to us will be invoiced seperately once we are notified. Invoicing may take up to 45 days due to freight company delays.

Imprints: Items marked Dard Products® Perma-Dure® process and doming process have guaranteed imprints for the life of the product. Hot stamped printing is not any credit for friction wear. Hot stamping in white foil is not recommended. On silk screened and pad printed items, gold and silver have a matte finish, and cannot be produced with a glossy finish. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed on reruns. We will supply best color imprint for item if not specified on purchase order.

Inventory: Dard Products® accepts no liability for inability to ship an order due to stock shortages. Please check inventory with factory before placing large orders.

Less Than Minimum: $40.00 (G). One half of the lowest quantity is absolute minimum, except where shown otherwise.

New Accounts: Please allow one additional day for production. New accounts are on a pre-pay basis until credit terms can be set-up by accounting.

Overruns or Underruns: All orders are subject to 5% overruns or underruns and will be billed accordingly. Orders specifying exact quantities must be stated on the purchase order. DARD PRODUCTS® ACCEPTS NO LIABILITY IF EXACT QUANTITY IS NOT STATED ON PURCHASE ORDER.

Pallet Charge: Truck shipments will be billed at $45.00 (X) per pallet to cover the cost of pallet and shrink wrapping.

Paper/Digital Proofs: No Charge for first paper/digital proof. Request for proofs must be requested on the purchase order. Complimentary paper proofs may be sent at the discretion of the factory. Any revisions to proofs will be invoiced at $12.50 (G) per copy/version sent. All orders will be shipped 10-15 days after paper/digital proof approvals. NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED FOR ANY ERRORS AFTER APPROVAL.

Pen Ink Colors: All pen ink colors are Black unless otherwise specified.

PMS Color Match: $30.00 (G) each. Not available on hot stamped or stress-ease items but we will match standard colors as close as possible at no extra charge. PMS color matches are available on silk screened, pad printed, letterpress and

Product Proofs: Pre-production samples will be invoiced @ $65.00 (G) plus cost of item. Power bank proofs will be invoiced at $125.00 (G). Corrected revisions will be billed as a new proof and will be invoiced @ $55.00 (G) plus cost of item.

Repeat Orders: Files are maintained for 24 months. Orders repeated within 24 months of the original order will be subject to a $30.00 (G) exact re-order setup charge. The most recent invoice number and date must be supplied when requesting a repeat of a previous order. ANY CHANGE IN ARTWORK OR PURCHASE ORDER IS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A REPEAT ORDER.

Production Time: Standard production is 1 0-1 5 working days. Orders greater than catalog quantities are subject to quoted delivery. Production time begins upon approval of credit. Factory reserves right to increase or decrease production time. Such changes will be noted on purchase order acknowledgement It is your responsibility to contact Customer Service immediately if there are any discrepancies. Contact

Set-Up Charges: Where shown, SET-UP CHARGES include touch-up of supplied “camera ready” art to make it “production ready.” 30 minutes is allowed; orders requiring extensive artwork or additional photography, are invoiced at $50.00 (X) per hour. Fax transmissions, photo copies or art generated on a laser printer are NOT considered camera-ready quality. Mounted cuts cannot be used!

Shipping: F.O.B. Licking, MO. All orders are shipped UPS ® or Fed EX® unless otherwise requested. Larger shipments are via common carrier. Factory does not assume responsibility for carrier delays and cannot be held responsible.

Shipping Weights: Product weights listed are approximate. Final shipping weight may vary due to packaging.

Spec Samples: Spec samples are invoiced @ $55.00 (G) plus all applicable charges per catalog item description. Unit cost of a spec sample is rebated upon receipt of an order for exact reproduction of the spec sample. Corrected revisions will be billed as new order and will be invoiced @ $55.00 (G) plus the cost of item.

Split or Drop Shipments: $10.00 (G) per location.

Terms: Unless credit has been established, payment is required at the time the order is received. Production will not begin until the credit department has received payment in full. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. NSF checks will receive a handling charge of $50.00. The terms for accounts who have received credit are Net 30 days from the date of invoice.

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