Safety Statement

Our products are manufactured and printed using clean laboratory tested materials and inks. Raw material and finished product testing procedures are ongoing and are conducted by certified laboratories. Dard Products conforms to FDA, FCC and CPSC testing protocols and limits on toxic substances.
Copies of third party test reports from accredited CPSC laboratories are available upon request.

Dard Products Safety: Dard Product approach to product safety always considers three important factors - our employees, our customers, and our environment. Employee safety is our primary concern. All manufacturing processes are continually reviewed to make sure that we provide clean, safe, and environmentally healthy surroundings for our employees. Air testing, noise testing, water testing, a vibrant safety program, and independent audits all serve to keep Dard Products at the forefront of employee health and safety.
Dard Products facilities are all clean, modern installations. We fully comply with current laws and regulations. We are periodically inspected by private auditing organizations, and local, county, and state government agencies. Our business standards and reputation in the industry are second to none. Our customers are always welcome to visit and tour any of our facilities.

Recycling: Dard Products recycles inks, plastics, papers, oils, and other manufacturing materials and components to minimize our impact on the environment.

CPSIA: All of our products conform to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and its limitations on lead and lead paint in children’s products. Items considered to be a child’s item will be printed with tracking information as required by law.

Product Labeling: Dard Products complies with the requirements outlined in Section 103, of the CPSIA.

Proposition 65: In 1986, the state of California passed Proposition 65, which is titled “The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.” This regulation stated that no one can knowingly discharge a
chemical into the drinking water sources or on to the land which could cause cancer or birth defects, or presents a reproductive hazard.
Prop 65 also requires the Governor of the State of California to annually publish an updated list of chemicals which are known to cause cancer or birth defects. Currently, this list has more than 700 chemicals included. Prop 65 requires businesses to provide a clear and reasonable warning
products distributed in the state of California. Dard Products will add Prop 65 warning labels to California bound shipments as appropriate.

General Disclaimer

Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the basic products and ability to include messages and art on them, but are never intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company or that the products with those specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without permission of the owners of the trademarked, copyrighted
art or copy. We accept all copy and other materials submitted by the customer for use by the factory introducing items ordered on the basis that they are submitted in full compliance with all laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, etc. The factory accepts no liability for any infringements.




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